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Corporate Action Group (CoAG)

In September 2018, PCI launched the Corporate Action Group (CoAG) to provide an opportunity for companies to connect with PCI and learn about local projects and potential corporate activities that could support Mato Grosso state's strategy. We also launched the PCI Pitchbook at the Tropical Forest Alliance meeting in Bogotá, Colombia, in May 2019. In 2020, the CoAG was integrated into the PCI Investment Committee, responsible for organizing and coordinating public and private sector involvement in the new governance of the PCI Institute, including potential investments such as international funds, carbon markets, REDD+ Early Movers and World Bank investments.
By participating in the CoAG, companies will benefit from learning about and exploring opportunities for sustainable commodity sourcing and engagement in Mato Grosso. We will also provide business connections with responsible producers and/or promising regional and local projects to facilitate local partnerships that can expand good practices and support companies in meeting sustainability goals.