Regional Compact - Barra do Garças

PCI Barra do Garças
Barra do Garças is a municipality located in the Central-East region of Mato Grosso, Brazil, covering an area of 9,078.983 km² with a population of 61,135 inhabitants. The Barra do Garças Regional Pact operates as part of the IDH Regional Pacts program and is aligned with the PCI strategy. The main production systems in the region are livestock and agriculture.
PCI Goals


Among the goals of the Regional Pact aligned with the PCI strategy are:
  1. Promote the integration of small, medium, and large rural producers into the priority productive chains of the municipality.
  2. Promote the intensification of land use for livestock and agriculture.
  3. Advance in the adoption of integrated crop-livestock systems.
  4. Promote the production of renewable energy through biomass;
  5. Make the municipality a reference in the production and quality of calf production.
  1. Fight against illegal deforestation.
  2. Support the implementation of the Rural Environmental Registry (Cadastro Ambiental Rural - CAR) across 100% of the municipality.
  3. Implement the Environmental Regularization Program (Programa de Regularização Ambiental - PRA), including the restoration of liabilities in Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) and Legal Reserves (RL).
  4. Advance in water and soil conservation techniques.
  5. Adopt good agricultural practices (BPA) for rural producers and their families.
  6. Promote Payment for Environmental Services (PES) programs.
  7. Promote environmental sanitation on rural properties in the municipality.
  1. Increase technical assistance and rural extension services (ATER) in settlements, small farms, and indigenous lands, focusing on production chains such as beekeeping, vegetable farming, dairy farming, pig farming, goat and sheep farming, fruit growing, aquaculture (both commercial and artisanal), as well as organic production.
  2. Increase the environmental regularization and adequacy of rural properties in partnership with competent authorities.
  3. Increase operational, strategic, commercial, and professional support for rural properties and family farmers.
PCI Regionalization

Em 2019, through the Municipality of Barra do Garças in collaboration with PCI, IDH, JBS, and private sector trade associations, a Memorandum of Understanding aiming to establish cooperation and undertake necessary efforts to promote sustainable economic development through the PCI strategy in the Municipality of Barra do Garças. The agreement is for five years and is scheduled to last until 2024.


The Pact has 43 signatories from the public sector (state and municipal), private sector, civil society, and producers. The complete list of signatories can be found in:

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