Actions implemented according to different regions for local engagement and collaboration
PCI Regionalization
Mato Grosso is the third largest state in Brazil with 141 municipalities and a total area of 903,357 km² (equivalent to the combined area of Germany and France). To implement the PCI strategy, it is crucial to have local engagement and collaboration across its different regions. Regionalization of PCI is how the PCI Institute defines the approach to land in municipalities and regions with PCI local governance in place. Below are the following actions underway
Alignment with the Sustainable Municipalities Program of Mato Grosso

The Sustainable Municipalities Program (PMS) aims to promote sustainable development of municipalities in Mato Grosso by strengthening the local economy, improving municipal public governance, promoting legal security, conserving natural resources and environmental recovery, and reducing social inequalities.
The Program was born from the mobilization of municipalities, consortia, and partners. It was based on recognizing the leadership of municipalities and civil society organizations in local and regional initiatives promoting sustainability. The development of the PMS proposal was guided by an agenda of dialogue and cooperation between civil society organizations and local public authorities.
Formalized by Decree 2.188/14, the program was launched in May 2014 during the 31st Meeting of Mayors of Mato Grosso.
In 2020, the new Decree 361 reformulated the Sustainable Municipalities Program of Mato Grosso (PMS) and defined its objective, among others, to contribute to the local implementation of the Produce, Conserve, and Include (PCI) Strategy.
Please see the PMS Decree here.

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Promote the Jurisdictional Approach for companies.

Through its Corporate Action Group, the PCI Institute has been promoting the jurisdictional approach among companies operating in Mato Grosso.
In 2020, the PCI Institute began a collaboration with the Soft Commodities Forum aimed at implementing a jurisdictional approach for soy expansion in Campos de Júlio and Planalto da Serra.
The Soft Commodities Forum, which brings together soy sector traders, aims to collectively engage in promoting a sustainable supply chain and increasing productivity across 25 key municipalities in the Brazilian Cerrado. Two of these municipalities, Planalto da Serra and Campos de Júlio, are located in Mato Grosso, Brazil.
With the support of EDF, an agreement was reached to implement this approach, with the implementation partner being the Aliança da Terra. The second phase of this project will be financed by the REM MT Program.
This partnership is a direct result of the PCI's Corporate Action Group's efforts.

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PCI Actions


In 2024, the PCI Institute intends to:
  • Define minimum guidelines for the creation and implementation of PCI Regional Pacts through the Regionalization Committee.
  • Monitor PCI goals at the municipal level through the PCI Monitoring Platform.
  • Map ongoing regional initiatives for inclusion in the PCI Pitchbook and connect them with potential funders.
  • Strengthen existing Regional Pacts and expand into new regions of the state.
Regional Compacts
The Regional Pacts in Mato Grosso are aligned with the goals of the State Strategy and are located in different regions of the state.