Balance of Goals

The goals of the PCI strategy in numbers for monitoring and evaluating progress towards established targets
PCI Goals
Balance of Goals
The monitoring of PCI goals aims to track the progress of actions towards implementing PCI goals by 2030 in the state of Mato Grosso, supporting the improvement or redirection of actions, and ensuring the credibility and transparency of the strategy.
Objectives of the PCI goals monitoring:
  1. Define indicators with data sources and calculation methodology;
  2. Collect and analyze data for calculating the indicators, in collaboration with other non-member institutions of the PCI;
  3. Disseminate monitoring results through documents and a monitoring platform, including the annual publication of the Goals Balance;
  4. Analyze the contribution of projects and programs from public and private initiatives;
  5. Collaborate with the Board of Directors and the General Directorate in assessing the implementation status of the PCI Strategy and priority actions.