Transitional Committee is created to support the new PCI-Institute phase

A Transition Committee composed of representatives from Mato Grosso public and private sectors was formed to support a new PCI-Institute (Produce, Conserve and Include)phase. The Committee members, composed of HDI, CLI, Ecoarts, Amaggi and State Government Civil House, are supporting the continuity of actions, including participation in meetings and strategic events. In addition, the group has the responsibility to prepare a proposal for the term of reference for the hiring of a new Executive Director, which will be submitted for approval by the Institute’s Board of Directors in the coming weeks.

The decision was taken during the last meeting of this Council, held on 29th January, this year, after the announcement of Fernando Sampaio’s termination from office.

PCI Strategy was jointly built between the government and institutions from different sectors of society and launched at Paris COP in 2015. Since then, it has marked the leading Mato Grosso role in the implementation of a jurisdictional-level initiative considered unprecedented, whose vision is to achieve social and economic development through sustainable land use.

PCI Institute was created with the objective of raising and managing resources that support the implementation of the goals set in the Strategy, enabling its success.

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The Transition Committee is expected to complete the process of hiring the new executive director by the end of March.

To contact the Committee regarding any matter related to PCI Institute, please use the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.