Sustainable development

Produce, Conserve and Include

PCI's vision for Mato Grosso is to achieve social and economic development through sustainable land use

PCI Strategy

This vision materializes through a broad goal plan in its three axes (P, C and I), constructed through a participatory process that integrates the agendas of public, private and civil society actors.

The PCI Institute

The Produce, Conserve and Include Institute (or PCI Institute), was created in June 2023 and is a private, non-profit and non-profit association.
Produce, Conserve and Include

The biggest global effort
to mitigate climate change
ever devised
by a subnational state

In December 2015, during the Climate Convention in Paris (COP 21), the Government of Mato Grosso launched the Produce, Conserve and Include (PCI) Strategy.

The PCI was built to raise financial resources for the State of Mato Grosso to support the expansion and increase in the efficiency of agricultural and timber production, the conservation of native vegetation, and the restoration of environmental liabilities in line with the Brazilian Forest Code Law.

It also aims to foster family farming and traditional communities, while reducing GHG emissions and enabling carbon sequestration, by controlling deforestation and developing a low-carbon economy.

PCI Strategy

The goals

They directly contribute to Brazil's NDC in the Paris Agreement and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.
If achieved, the goals represent:

Redução de Emissões
Reduction of emissions
By 6 gigatons of CO² (which makes PCI the largest sub-national initiative in the world for climate change mitigation)
Redução de Emissões
Environmental regularization
Thus complying with the Forest Code in 100% of the rural properties in the State
Redução de Emissões
Increased agricultural efficiency
Increase in grain production from 49 million to 125 million tons and increase in cattle productivity by 65% ​​by 2030
Redução de Emissões
Socioproductive inclusion
82.000 family farmers and traditional communities

Government launches Institute
Produce, Conserve and Include